Washington Post: Report Details Lawmakers’ ‘One-Two Punch’ in Health-Care Donations

Written by admin on October 13th, 2009

The Washington Post reports on the flow of campaign contributions to key legislators in the health care debate.

Story here:


In total, the study found, 61 members of Congress, including 39 senators, received money from 10 or more outside lobbyists whose clients also contributed to their campaigns. Perhaps reflecting the new balance of power in Washington, 62 percent of those members are Democrats.

The CRP-Sunlight Foundation study is only the latest in a series of analyses to illustrate the broad influence of the health-care industry on Capitol Hill. Data from the first half of this year showed health-care firms spending money at the rate of nearly $1.5 million a day on lobbying alone, in addition to a steady tide of campaign contributions.

The study results are available at www.sunlightfoundation.com and www.opensecrets.org

The Best Government Money Can Buy? is a non partisan documentary about the links between lobbying and campaign finance.


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