Newsweek:SCOTUS Ruling Spells Disaster for Political Transparency

Written by admin on January 21st, 2010

Newsweek on today’s Supreme Court decision.

Story here:

The decision is a stunning display of judicial activism from a chief justice who promised to engage in anything but. Remember all his promises to respect precedent? Apparently he doesn’t. As E.J. Dionne writes: “Remember Roberts saying judges were like umpires calling the balls and strikes? In this case, he and his colleagues canceled the game altogether and decided on their own what the final score would be.” Roberts expanded the scope of the initial case before him, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, to take on a century’s worth of campaign-finance regulation. Dahlia Lithwick describes it perfectly: “The court had to reach out far beyond any place it needed to go….This started off as a case about a single movie. It morphed into John Roberts’s Golden Globe night.”


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