Politico: Conservative group files FEC complaint against Nancy Pelosi

Written by admin on October 22nd, 2010

Politico reports on the complaint filed with the FEC against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by Let Freedom Ring.


The complaint is based on news stories in POLITICO and Roll Call, which reported that both the California Democrat and Larson asked liberal groups to take a more active role to help beat back the influence of conservative organizations.

“Based on the public information detailed in multiple media reports, there is detailed evidence that Nancy Pelosi and John Larson illegally and willfully coordinated with liberal outside independent expenditure organizations to impact the 2010 elections in their favor,” said Colin Hanna, president of the organization. “The House Democratic Leadership asked independent groups for their support, and those groups, under pressure, made a glut of resulting independent expenditures. The FEC must investigate this matter for criminal wrongdoing.”

It would be illegal for a lawmaker to coordinate directly with an outside organization to put money into any political effort. Pelosi and Larson’s office couldn’t be reached for immediate comment. This is likely to have little effect in the upcoming elections — FEC investigations are often quite lengthy.


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