Robert Naiman mentions “The Best Government Money Can Buy?”

Written by admin on November 3rd, 2010

Robert Naiman gives a strong endorsement to The Best Government Money Can Buy? in his column today regarding the election.  Available at any of the links below.

Just Foreign Policy

Daily Kos

Huffington Post

Megahy’s film makes a convincing case that we need a sustained movement from outside of Washington to combat corporate control in order to reform the system. And a logical inference to draw from the film is that this movement needs to constantly tie the need for reform to the direct and major economic and political harms that that present election finance system is causing to working families.

The film documents, for example, how the current campaign finance and lobbying system has produced effects like $30 billion in tax breaks for oil and gas companies, a law barring Medicare from using its market power to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs, and a law prohibiting the import of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada.

If you’re concerned about corporate control in Washington, get this movie, and use it as a tool for education and organizing.


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