Maplight: Regardless of Party, Big Fundraisers are Big Winners in Senate Races

Written by admin on November 7th, 2010

Our friends at Maplight put the numbers out on the Senate races.


Of the 35 Senate candidates who won election on Tuesday, 29 of them out-raised their opponents, some by wide margins (two races, Alaska and Washington have not been decided). For comparison, in what was widely considered a big victory, Republicans won 23 out of the 35 races. As successful as the G.O.P. was, well-funded candidates as a group beat them by 6 seats.

The Narrowest Victories

Of the five closest races with a declared outcome*, the winner held a financial advantage in all but one of them. In Colorado, Democrat Michael Bennett ( $11,463,411), who barely squeaked out a victory raised three times more than his Republican opponent, Ken Buck ($3,827,432). Republican Mark Kirk ($12,759,089) won President Obama’s former Senate seat in Illinois by a narrow margin with the help of $4.4 million more than his opponent, Democrat Alexi Giannoulias ($8,404,220). The result in Pennsylvania was similar, where Republican Pat Toomey ($14,832,115) won a close contest over Democrat Joseph Sestak ($9,271,042), spending $5.5 million dollars more than him in the process.


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