Psychology Today: Dollar Democracy: Did Corporate America Buy the Midterm Elections?

Written by admin on November 7th, 2010

A very nice mention for the documentary in Psychology Today’s Side Effects column.

Links to MSNBC interview with Dylan Ratigan embedded in the article as well.

Psychology Today

Of the $700 million that U.S. House members raised in three years, MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan reports, “79% came from outside their district.” He was relaying the findings of a critical new documentary by Francis Megahy called The Best Government Money Can Buy. As Megahy aptly noted on Ratigan’s show, “When you’ve cast your vote at an election, you don’t necessarily get what you want. You get what your candidate’s biggest campaign contributors want.”

That would seem especially meaningful when the midterms were “the most expensive midterm elections ever.” They also included the highest proportion of negative ads in a U.S. election—so far.

The ousting of Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin), three-term senator and strong proponent of campaign-finance reform, therefore needs to be seen against the backdrop of his opponent, millionaire plastics CEO Ron Johnson, outspending him four-to-one, including by “chipp[ing] in $8.2 million of his own fortune for his campaign.” Common Cause of Wisconsin estimates that “outside groups spent about $5 million, most of that on ads opposing Feingold.”


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