New York Times Dealbook: Citigroup’s Top Lobbyist Steps Down

Written by admin on December 18th, 2010

The New York Times Dealbook reports on Citigroups top lobbyist, Nicholas Calio moving on to the Air Transport Association.

Mr Calio was a participant in the documentary.

New York Times

After seven tumultuous years as head of Citigroup’s government affairs group, Nicholas Calio is stepping down to become the chief lobbyist for the airline industry.

Mr. Calio, who was a White House legislative adviser to both Bush presidencies, shaped Citigroup’s political strategy as the bank came under harsh scrutiny from lawmakers for all that was wrong with Wall Street.

During his tenure, Mr. Calio helped shepherd three Citigroup chief executives through the corridors of Washington and build its political office from scratch.

At his peak, Mr. Calio managed a staff of nearly nine federal lobbyists and several staff members overseeing state and international political affairs. He also briefly oversaw Citigroup’s communications team for Charles O. Prince III, Citigroup’s embattled chairman and chief executive.


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