Confessions of an Over-worked Mom review

confessions of an over-worked mom

I understand that elected officials need money. They need to run ad campaigns to get re-elected and that costs money – billboards, radio spots, print ads – they all cost money. What concerns me is that Members of the Hose get 80% of their funding from Washington DC – not from the voters they represent. They spend more than 30% of their time fundraising and only 3 days a week in DC. How can my vote and the few piddly dollars I can afford to donate compare to the millions of dollars that special interest groups are paying elected officials?

The Best Government Money Can Buy includes interviews with lobbyists and insiders by film maker Francis Megahy. He explores the influence of lobbyists and the effect they have on the issues that face us today. He also examines whether changes can be made to lobbying considering that it’s a constitutionally protected activity. Having been an elected official, I was already very familiar with how lobbying works. I enjoyed seeing the process through the eyes of the lobbyists and I think that this is a valuable documentary for everyone to watch so they understand the influence of big corporations on our elected officials.

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